Gap Year

Individualzed, Self-guided, Intentional

Our GAP YEAR program is an inner and outer JOURNEY, DISCOVER your CORE GIFTS, ways to bring them into the WORLD, new PEOPLE, distant LANDSCAPES where epic walking ADVENTURES provide both a LAUNCH toward your INDIVIDUALIZED or Self-Guided gap year experience and a CAPSTONE to celebrate what you have LEARNED and prepare you to implement the INTENSIONS you have committed to for your FUTURE.

In addition to Treks and Pilgrimages, we offer a Gap Year experience, both Fall and Spring Cohorts. The Trek Epic Gap Year Adventure is provided by Emerge Educational Consulting.

Participants begin with a 3-week "launch" trek on the Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales, in the United Kingdom, as part of a cohort group (5-8 participants), including a week at our base in St. David's, Wales, focused on post trek themes like career assessment, personal development, leadership, outdoor adventure, environmental awareness, and workshop options tailored to their individual interests, including, but not limited to marine biology, art, geography, music, and creative writing.

The initial 3-week trek ends with participants transitioning to their self-selected “next steps”. Throughout this second phase of the Gap Year program, they continue to work with our guides through ongoing mentoring and continued engagement with our personal development and growth curriculum. This is to say, they continue to focus on what they have discovered as their personal “genius”, that essential and defining statement answering the question: “who am I”. They then look to their post trek gap experience to apply the core gifts they have identified through the goals they have set to better live within their sense of purpose.

Each Gap Year participant then chooses a "capstone" 10-day trek that fits with the overall timing of their gap experience.  This opportunity to take another walk along "the way", contributes to maintaining the momentum gained and truly setting oneself up for their "next steps"!

Parents can also participate in their own calls to help be in touch with their student’s experience and transformation. Often, parents gain insight into their young adult’s Gap Year by participating on one of our adult pilgrimages during the year.

The 2022-2023 Gap Year Options are as follows:

Trek Epic Gap Year - 3-Week Launch Trek, Sept 8th - Oct 1st, Pembrokeshire, Wales, Ongoing Guidance and Mentoring through Select Independent Experiences, and 10-Day Capstone Trek, December 1st - 10th, 2022, Greece, or May 4th - 13th, 2023, The Camino, Spain (Participant’s choice) - $9,500.00

Trek Epic Gap Year - 3-Week Launch Trek, April 13th - April 29th, Italy, Ongoing Guidance and Mentoring through Select Independent Experiences, and 10-Day Capstone Trek, August 3rd - 12th, United Kingdom, or November 30th - December 9th, 2023, Greece - $9,500.00