We Find Learning Solutions

"There never was learning without opposition."

As independent educational consultants, we possess comprehensive knowledge of placement options. Andrew and Kylie are consultants who specialize in helping families with at risk young adults and have experience working with crisis intervention, dealing with oppositional behaviors, and other emotional, behavioral and/or learning difficulties, and finding the most suitable solutions.

As educational consultants, we typically spend 20% of our time traveling, visiting and evaluating therapeutic wilderness programs, schools and programs, including options for both adolescents and emerging young adults. Only by visiting and getting to know the professionals who work diligently in therapeutic settings can we maintain a good understanding of a facility’s strengths, therapy options, and staff expertise.

What works for one adolescent or emerging young adult may not be appropriate for another. Andrew and Kylie generally interview both the child and the family to determine individual needs and concerns, often examining test results or consulting with a family therapist, pediatrician, or school psychologist. Getting to know the parents and child in a neutral environment is vital to discovering the best treatment plan. Advice is offered on all facets of your child’s care. This professional and confidential assistance can bring long-awaited direction to troubled families. We are available both in our office, in Boise, Idaho, as well as at a distance for clients with unique needs who are best served by our expertise. We often travel to clients depending on a family's situation or circumstance, and additionally have parents and/or their child visit us in Boise, Idaho.